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Through this process, we will have an enjoyable experience getting to know one another and become friends 🚀
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The next meeting (over Zoom) is on 4th June at 6 pm Dubai time (2 pm UTC). We'll continue discovering and learning machine learning algorithms to further improve the FINANCE project and integrate it with the laravel application with custom UI messages for the end-user. It's going to be a lot of fun 😍

Previous meetings summaries

27th April, 2023

Implementing Machine Learning into a real project - FINANCE

  • How to implement linear regression and ARIMA algorithms for forecasting spending in the FINANCE applications
  • How to split data into training and testing sets to evaluate model performance
  • The importance of selecting appropriate evaluation metrics, and potential pitfalls of relying solely on a single metric like Mean Squared Error

Overall, it was a great session and we made good progress towards improving the FINANCE application.

You can check the code we wrote (with the help of ChatGPT :D) here